A Caramel Affaire is a boutique company headquartered in San Diego, California featuring artisan caramel sauce. We offer five delectably smooth sauce flavors. I want you to be hooked so that your caramel dreams are of no other.

Classic - This caramel sauce contains a blend of sugar, cream, and vanilla. We use only premium vanilla in this sauce so you taste every lovely vanilla note. Sometimes you just need to stay true to the classics. $5.50/3 oz.

Vanilla Salt – This caramel sauce is a match made in heaven with its sweet and salty notes of sugar, cream, vanilla, and sea salt. Who can turn down sweet and salty; $5.50/3 oz.

Spiced – This caramel sauce is an elegant blend of sugar, cream, vanilla, cinnamon, nutmeg and cardamom. It is good enough to put on or in anything; $5.50/3 oz.

Lemon Ginger - This caramel sauce is of lemon and ginger are beautifully paired with the sugar and cream. This is an excellent dipping sauce; try it with your favorite sugar cookies; $5.50/3 oz.

Cognac – Buckle yourself in for one of the most intense caramel experiences. This sauce is for adults only with a splash of premium cognac infused with the sugar and cream giving it a decadent flavor; $6.50/3 oz.